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Prenatal Hydronephrosis

During pregnancy there is extensive screening of the fetus with ultrasounds and blood tests.

During these ultrasounds, all the organs of the baby are being examined, including the kidneys.  If there is increased amount of fluid in the kidney than expected this is called hydronephrosis.


When this condition is diagnosed in the child, it is important for the child to be followed while he or she is growing in the mother’s womb and also after birth.  During the pregnancy, most babies with hydronephrosis do not require any treatment, but may get repeat fetal ultrasound as the discretion of the doctor, however after birth it is important for the child to get a kidney ultrasound within the first month of life. There are times when after the baby’s birth the swelling on the kidney is no longer present.


In most cases after the baby’s birth there is still some swelling in the child’s kidneys and this needs to be followed by a pediatric urologist.  A pediatric urologist will be able to help distinguish if other tests need to be done to determine if there is a root cause for the swelling that needs to be addressed.


Some parents elect to come see us before the child is born in orderand some elect to wait.  The option is yours. Talking to your OB can help to determine the next best steps after the diagnosis.  We are always willing to help educate our patients and parents so that they understand the treatment options.


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