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Newborn circumcisions: Yes or no?

Circumcision is a procedure that many people feel very strongly about. The debate to do a circumcision in a newborn in the past has been determined by the preference of the family or by cultural or religious influences. Recently there has been some information that shows that circumcised men are less likely to spread some sexually transmitted diseases.  But overall there is not much scientific data to suggest that circumcision is necessary in newborns.


Some pediatricians and OB/GYNs will offer newborn circumcisions.  Pediatric surgeons and urologists are also able to do them in the office as long as the child is less than 30 days old and weighs less than 10 pounds .


So it is important once the baby is born to secure an appointment as soon as possible for a circumcision if the family desires one. If a circumcision is desired and the child does not meet the age criteria any longer, many times the circumcision has to be delayed until the child is over 6 months old.  At this time the circumcision can be performed under anesthesia in the operating room.  It is important however to get this scheduled prior to one year of age if the circumcision is truly elective.


One of the questions we get a lot is about the cosmetic result of the circumcision. There are instances when not all the foreskin is removed during the newborn circumcision or too much skin is removed.


When this occurs, the cosmetic result can be unexpected.  It is important in these cases for a good physical exam to determine if there is a treatment plan to improve the cosmetic result.


If there are additional questions not answered by this post please call to set up a consultation!!